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How Does it Work?


Ecology of Caring Integrated Approach

"When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."      -  John Muir

• The Web of Life experiential education and training programs help workers and employers understand and apply the nature-health connections.  A strong emphasis on self-care is a key component recognizing that our own health is the most important factor in being able to care for others. Our place in the web of life reminds us of the powerful connections we share and the opportunities we have to honor them each day.

• Our Living the EarthWonders Way Guide firmly plants an EarthWonders culture and shifts the way we live in the world.  We look to nature as our inspiration and learn from nature as our teacher in developing a sustainable home and family culture actively engaged in supporting life and healthier living.  Living the EarthWonders Way provides an opportunity to live a meaningful, active lifestyle. 

• Environment Matters.  Environments play a key role in the nature-health connection research.  Naturally Inspired environments provide the framework for environments to become vibrant sources of healthy energy.  EarthWonders consultation, tips and tools help you find ways to incorporate the healthful benefits of biophilic design in your existing settings (indoor & out), as a guide in renovation plans, or as a foundation for new development.

• Life Affirming Leadership supports leaders in redefining their organizational culture, expanding the value of all resources, establishing outcome based measurements and reimagining and redesigning policies and processes to support life.   Organizational leaders grasp the implications of a healthy workforce, the evidence-based research that supports the base of EarthWonders® nature-health programming and the potential impact on profitability. 

Ongoing resources. Train the trainer, tools and activities including newsletters, online webinars, workshops, activity planners and forums  to keep EarthWonders Communities™ alive and connected.

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