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Is EarthWonders a training program or a long term care provider?

EarthWonders partners with leaders in the nursing, assisted, memory, hospice & palliative care fields to provide a new choiceOur Ecology of Caring Integrated Approach  is a systems-based approach to culture change in care.  We overlay our education, training and consultation in nature-based health, sustainable living, naturally inspired design and life-affirming leadership onto industry best practice in person-centered and relationship-centered care.  This is the platform to create a Natural Choice in living with care. It takes bold, creative, daring leadership to create culture change.  We partner with the best!

Does EarthWonders have a demonstration site open to visitors?

EarthWonders currently has two sites open for visits upon request, one in Hospice and one in Long Term/ Memory Care. We are excited to announce we will have two fully integrated sites operational by 2010!  These sites will be full demonstration sites where we will hold on-site training and hands-on workshops.  Watch our website for complete announcements and updates.

Does EarthWonders have employment opportunities?

The EarthWonders model is a collaborative model.  We love the entrepreneurial spirit and believe culture change is best served by the innovation and creativity of people forging new pathways.  People with shared passions come together to lift the EarthWonders Movement up and truly give it its wings - sometimes they are lead to us and sometimes we are lead to them. 

Providing people with an exciting new choice in long term and hospice care is exciting and challenging.  It requires a variety of skills, core competencies and experiences which may be different at any given time.  Currently, a core of highly skilled, widely experienced and passionately driven people make up the EarthWonders team.  Other independent collaborators are added in order to provide unique knowledge, innovation, and leadership as we evolve. We strive for the best, we believe people who are aging, chronically ill and/or facing the end-of-life deserve the best.  If you have a passion for shaping the nature of care in a new way, have an idea for a product or service that aligns, or have a desire to be a part of the EarthWonders Movement in your own way, send us an e-mail.  We'd love to know more!

Submit your questions to info@earthwonders.net and check back here to see our response.

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