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Nine Principles of the Ecology of Caring™

  1. Our Web of Life (Social):  Our EarthWonders Community is a dynamic whole dependent upon one another and our families.  We are committed for the long term to our own well-being, each other, our community and our planet.
  2. Grace for All Seasons (Emotional):  Our EarthWonders Community is inspired by our lives together, our sense of purpose, and our many connections.  We invest our gifts in our community at all ages and all phases of life.
  3. Perennial Wisdom (Intellectual):  Our EarthWonders Community is strengthened by combining our individual and collective wisdom with Nature's 3.8B years of experience.  We are continually learning and sharing.
  4. Living on the Edge (Spiritual):  In our EarthWonders Community we prospect at the edge where great things happen; where gaining access to life- and health-giving resources at the Source inevitably involves both risks and rewards. 
  5. The Butterfly's Effect (Cultural):  In our EarthWonders Community, each day is a day where we intentionally honor our roots, make a difference and create a story that lives throughout our lifetime and beyond.
  6. Where Currents Merge (Occupational):  In our EarthWonders Community each of us has a job for life; a job honoring and celebrating the power of the moment.  We honor the reciprocal nature of care - both giving and receiving.
  7. Life in A Wheelbarrow (Physical):  Our EarthWonders Community is fully engaged in actively living life as part of nature, both indoors and out.  We use all our senses to fully enjoy the wonders of nature.
  8. Naturally Inspired by Design (Environmental):  Our EarthWonders Community is designed to support all life.  Using Nature as a model and a mentor, our environments are vibrant sources of healthy energy.
  9. True Abundance Found in Sustainable Living (Financial):  Our EarthWonders Community measures true health and true wealth by focusing on people, planet, and prosperity. 

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