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How Does it Work?

Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice


The best way to learn about the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice is to experience it!  

“As soon as you walk in the door, you know you’re home.  From the gardens to the stained glass windows, from the architectural design to the natural elements that surround you, from the aroma of artfully prepared food and the warmth of each room, you know that every little detail was planned with love, especially for you.  As you breathe in, you have an almost spiritual experience - you know this is the right place to be.  And if you have any doubt at all, it dissolves as soon as you meet the people and sense the care in their hearts. I am sure that when I face my end-of-life experience, I would be honored to call this my final home here on earth.”                             

I know a visit isn’t possible for many people, but a visit to their website is the next best thing.   Learn more about the amazing work of the heart-warming, competent and caring staff at www.ssrhospicehome.org

We believe the very best way to tell the story of our continued partnership with Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice is by letting Nichol Slabe, the Administrator & CEO tell it herself.  With gratitude to her that no words can express, here’s Nichol’s story of “Living the EarthWonders Way” in her own beautiful words…

How the “Earth Wonders Way” Makes Me a Better Leader

“When I began working in Hospice 14 years ago I knew I found my PASSION! Being with patients and families at the most sacred time is truly a privilege and an honor. This passionate journey has led me to the opportunity of being a part of the dream of the SharonNichol%20New2 S. Richardson Community Hospice which is now a reality.  And all along the way, I kept telling Joe Richardson II….this doesn’t feel like a job. I am having way too much fun! This “fun” I dedicate to my passion but it also is dedicated to learning to become “truly present” and is deeply inspired by the EarthWonders way.

Yes, building a new Hospice Center and launching a Hospice Program was going to be exciting, a lot of work and require pure dedication. However, my ultimate goal was to enjoy the journey.  The EarthWonders way taught me how to do this. I learned to slow down and to appreciate the beauty of nature. This appreciation looks as simple as looking at the blue sky before I walk into a building, or watching birds out my window before going to an important meeting, - noticing the deep green of the grass and the strength and detail of the trees.  By taking a moment to “smell the flowers”….this sustained me mentally to get through my long days in a very positive way! 

Through my journey, I also learned and was dedicated to using certain values in everyday management decisions and I have incorporated them into our mission and philosophy.  I learned to appreciate nature and all it inspires during my every day work day. Nature took care of me mentally and physically.  It gave me that five minute vacation to take a deep breath when I needed the courage to get through the challenges I faced at the time. I then carried this over to teaching every new hospice team member that we owe it to our patients, families, employees and to the community to take care of ourselves so we can better take care of our customers. The Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice program has adopted important values and customer service principles, I’m sure you are familiar with these values…
  • Always give the benefit of the doubt and treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Do things for the “right” reasons
  • Be a person of absolute integrity  
  • Lead by example
  • Be present in the moment
  • Listen hard – with intention
  • Have an attitude of gratitude
  • Honor your heart and intuition
  • Remember the little things… “It is through the simple that we create the marvelous”

Today, the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice is known for its love, laughter, compassion, honor and commitment to easing a patient and family through one of life’s most difficult and sacred transitions, as well as, a great place to work and volunteer. We understand that nothing should be left unsaid, laughter really is the best medicine, and true heroism is as simple as holding someone’s hand. Our commitment is to helping everyone with the final act of living each day, making every moment matter. 

Nichol Slabe, RN, BSN, CHPN
Hospice & Palliative Care Administrator, CEO
Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice


And just in case you might be thinking – OK, so the CEO is pleased what about the rest of the staff, here’s a “wonder” of nature as seen through the eyes of Dave, Facility Maintenance/IT Support.  I think you’ll agree he’s a poet, a nature-lover, and another example of the quality of the human nature at Sharon S. Richardson Hospice Home.

“Have you really experienced nature? Have you sat and listened to everything happening around you? Have you felt the warmth of the sun and power of the wind? Have you smelled the aroma of the plants? Have you watched the animals and insects as they go about their everyday life? Have you listened to the birds, and other animals? Can you hear the river flowing? 

Was the last rainstorm an inconvenience or did you see the streaks of lightening dance across the sky? Did you hear the thunder roll off into the horizon? 

While you’re experiencing nature, ask yourself what the world would be like without the influence of mankind. Would the planet still be here? Will the animals still flourish? You begin to realize how much of a gift life really is. It’s at this point you also understand just how insignificant your problems are. When we are gone so are our problems.

Our perception of life is a reflection of how we choose to live it.” 

Dave Hansen
Facility Maintenance / IT Support



They just don’t get any better than this!  It’s our honor to continue to partner with the Sharon S. Richardson Hospice leadership and staff in innovative ways.  Check out our “be cards” – a nature-inspired personal and business motivational tool designed to provide insight into Nature’s 3.8 billion years of wisdom.  The proceeds from this collaboration go to support the Sharon S Richardson Hospice and Palliative Retreat Center and the EarthWonders Movement. 

Check back often as we continue to share our work together! 

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