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Linda Cates
Business Development & Communications Collaborator





My connection to Nature…“I live my life as a legacy of love.  My heart was imprinted with the name “Sunshine” by my precious grandfather and like a ray, I focus with burning precision on my goals, igniting generosity and passion. In all aspects of my life I am able to manifest my legacy, including my professional and volunteer work in development and communications.  It gives me great joy to use the art and science of marketing and fundraising that I have developed to support the manifestation of the work and passion of my collaborators.



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Jeff Huxman,
SolTerra Communications
Video, Audio & Web-based Media Development


All things in the universe are forms of energy. Our bodies are energy, the Earth below us is energy, the sun is energy, and the list goes on. I think our purpose is to turn our energy into positive energy. In other words an energy of joy, delight... happy energy. If we send out positive energy, this energy comes back to us as well. And if we surround ourselves with positive energy then we in turn become positive. Nature is full of positive energy. And I think that is why we can turn towards it in times of hardship or stress. A walk in the field is better medicine than many pills. It relieves stress, calms the nerves and gives you time to reflect.

As a video producer I'm a story-teller. I use pictures to tell a tale. And there's no truer story than nature. Nature doesn't pose for the camera, nor does it brush on screen makeup to look a certain way. It doesn't indulge in certain details of a story and skim over other parts. And it's perfect as is. Filming nature is refreshing and rewarding. The sense of awe is everywhere. And while capturing that awe on camera is a distant 2nd place to experiencing the awe in real time, it is so gratifying to have a profession where I can be in nature and share my experiences.

EarthWonders' is such a great asset to society. During my time working with EarthWonders I know they have rubbed off on me in a good way. I find myself taking more time to be outside walking my dogs, or scouring a beach for interesting shells or looking for a new species of dragonfly. And I now have a name for the times when the awe of the moment captivates you and you feel at ease. These moments approach silently, perhaps by watching the sunset for a few minutes or observing Mergansers dive for fish, or by canoeing up river and watching the water whorl off the end of your paddle. I call these "EarthWonder moments." They're like backrubs for your soul. Soothing, comforting, and overall feel quite good! EarthWonders moments are made of positive energy.
                                                             - Jeff

Colleen Robinson Klug
Environmental Educator & Sustainable Living Collaborator

Colleen Robinson Klug

I am a child of nature.  Not so much in the way our modern culture describes it, although I do enjoy hugging a tree occasionally!  More deeply, I am connected to natural things, spaces, places, and experiences in ways that are effortless and rewarding to me.  I have often said “I belong outside” in my work and play.  Being around life in its natural element is healing to me and lifts my spirit.  My curiosity and wonder abound and my smile expands as I walk through a native woodland, prairie, coastal beach, community garden, or even a residential property landscaped as though all life matters.  Naturally, it is in these spaces where I can best give back the world.


Nature is resilient and in turn, offers healing and opportunities for me to recognize my own resiliency.  In times of challenge when I've felt as though sophisticated and complex logic failed to help, it has never ceased to amaze me how much a walk in my favorite county park can provide the shift that makes all the difference.  There is a wisdom in nature, and therefore a wisdom in all life.  It is a quiet and foundational wisdom – almost fragile amidst the overwhelm of our modern world.  Deliberate connections to this wisdom about our path and journey, what matters to us, our purpose, and our place in a community, seem to be essential.  Some people take time out for a bubble bath.  Some, quiet time for doing nothing.  For me, it is a walk or canoe ride through a green and loving space.  In many roles, my passion and talent is connecting people to the natural wisdom that is true for them, so they may live their most fulfilling life!


EarthWonders provides extraordinarily unique support for connecting to this wisdom of nature.  As we live longer, busier lives, in smaller families to support individuals, I believe we can transform life care through experiences that incorporate nature and celebrate its presence in our lives.  EarthWonders will foster nature's wonder within individuals through everyday, simple connections to the inherent, gentle wisdom that nature is so flush with and help to reveal the support this wisdom offers for living our entire lives – even the last days - with dignity, purpose, respect, peace, and joy.

                                                            - Colleen -

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