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Our Story

"When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe in one of two things:  there will be earth upon which to stand, or you will be given wings."   
       - Author Unknown


I spent my childhood outdoors.  We headed out early in the morning and returned around dark, starving and in need of a bath.  We swam, ice-skated, roller-skated, rode bikes, climbed hills, built forts, and hiked miles each day.  We caught frogs, rescued birds, brought home stray dogs and cats.  We ate fresh vegetables right from the garden, were surrounded by Grandmaís beautiful flowers, and always seemed to be able to find trees to climb and new places to explore.  We didnít talk a lot about Nature in my family, we lived in it!  I would have to say Iím more of the type of naturalist Rachel Carson wrote about when she said ďit is more important to begin with feelings about the natural world than knowledge of it.Ē  Iím not a scientist, Iím a continuous student on a nature discovery.


Itís only in looking back that the recurring theme becomes apparent and the reasons for all the side trips make sense.  EarthWonders has gone through several evolutions and now almost a complete metamorphosis.  What you see today is very different from EarthWonders in its origins.  And yet it feels it's landed where it is meant to be - focused in nature, on health and well-being and the importance of living with care. As a discoverer, itís intriguing to me to note how in looking forward, the next steps become clear, the next teachers appear without always knowing the destination.  Not surprisingly, this winding path has some significant moments and people that have become most instrumental in shaping my lifeís journey and bringing me full circle to just the place Iím suppose to be today Ė our privileged work in shaping the nature of care. Let me share, in gratitude, just a few of them:


You can read a bit of my career bio here.  While Iím proud of these accomplishments and know they have provided the path to learn what I needed to learn and meet who Iíve needed to meet, I am very clearly aware that who I am is more important then what Iíve done. 


I am committed to shaping the nature of care to provide choice:  a choice we choose to make, look forward to, feel good about, and one that provides an opportunity to live until we die.  Many hands and many hearts are needed.  I extend mine in partnership and am honored with exceptional collaborators who are miracle workers and bring joy to each day.  I am also committed to shaping the nature of how we care for our planet, assuring that our children and grandchildren are handed an enriched and more beautiful world.  Hereís to my children and grandchildren and yoursÖ.



                                                              - Judy Butcher,

                                                                               CEO EarthWonders LLC

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