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How Does it Work?


Becoming an EarthWonders Community

"We plant the seeds; the true nature of an
EarthWonders Community™ grows from within." 

 - Judy Butcher , EarthWonders® LLC

The EarthWonders Movement integrates nature-inspired health and environmental wellness principles and practices into our lifestyles, workplaces, and communities of care.  It is designed to create an atmosphere that stimulates and supports all life. 

The Ecology of Caring Integrated Approach™ is a comprehensive approach that integrates the nature-health connection in personal lifestyles, workforce development models, leadership and organizational practices, and physical environments in care settings. At EarthWonders we don't pretend we can have a healthy environment in our world today by ignoring the human or economic implications.  Instead, we take a common sense approach.  Investing in people and aligning with natural ecosystems is a more sustainable, profitable, and prosperous choice for our world today and for the future.

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