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be cards

The cards are offered at the Gift Shoppe on the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice secure website www.ssrhospicehome.org 

The be cards make great gifts for personal inspiration, for your employees, for students...                            


Let Mother Nature, and she'll hook you into believing in miracles...You'll come to know her language is not foreign at all as you interpret her timeless wisdom. 
Listen.  Just let yourself be.
Excerpt from be card guide:

Nature offers a connection to our inner wisdom and an opportunity to "be present" to the wonders of our world and life beyond our own thoughts.  Quieting the voices of our own cleverness provdes an opportunity to learn from nature's 3.8 billion years of wisdom.  The smallest elements in our natural world can inspire and inform us using Nature's knowledge of what works, what lasts, what's good for all life.

There is a phenomenon known as the butterfly effect ("be" for short).  It is the theory that the flapping of a butterfly's wings creates tiny changes in the atmosphere in one corner of the world ultimately causing or preventing a storm in another.  The flapping wings represent a small change in the intial conditions of a system.  These cards are an invitation to explore the elements of Nature in a new way - by changing your initial conditions or thoughts, and therefore altering your outcomes in a significant way.  Use their images to let nature be your teacher, your guide, your mentor.  There is no limit to the applications.  For innovative, transformative and breakthrough thinking, look to nature, listen...then be."

We'd love to hear your feedback.  Let us know if you're enjoying your "be cards" and please tell us about ways you've shared them with others.  Email your feedback & suggestions to us at info@earthwonders.net.

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