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Is It Right for Our Organization?


Preliminary Assessment Tool

Are you wondering if EarthWonders is right for you?  If you answer yes to these questions about your organization and are looking for an innovative approach to shaping the nature of care, we'd love to have an opportunity to learn more about you and how together we can make a difference in shaping the nature of care.

1.  We're interested in offering a new option in aging and care, a Natural Choice.

2.  We'd like to reduce our turnover by doing our part to improve the health and well-being of our staff and residents.

3.  We'd like to be able to recruit and retain the highest quality workers, despite the predicted worker shortage of the future.

4.  We're interested in including families in active and meaningful ways of their choice.

5.  We want our workers to be able to say they would look forward to spending the last years of their life here, should they need a care community.

6.  We'd like to provide healthy environments, where our settings reflect the unique nature and culture of residents both in public and private areas.

7.  We'd like to create a culture of care where our residents and staff are engaged in a healthy, active lifestyle.

8.  We want to get the community more involved in our residents' lives and our residents more active in community life.

9. We believe we could do more to nurture the connection between nature and health.

10.  We want to do our part to care for the environment and leave a legacy for future generations.

EarthWonders would love to partner in helping you achieve your vision.  Our Ecology of Caring Integrated Approach offers a comprehensive system designed to help you create a culture of caring.  Contact us to explore how together we can shape the nature of care in a new way. 

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