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Personal Health

"I've made an odd discovery.  Every time I talk to a savant
 I feel quite sure that happiness is no longer a possibility. 
Yet when I talk with my gardener, I'm convinced of the opposite."
- Bertrand Russell

Miracles are happening outside our window at every moment.  Answers can be found in the simplest of spaces.  Nature is a source of hope as we constantly engage in multi-sensory experiences of the natural cycles of the seasons of life.  Each moment brings the wonder of the next miracle.

Taking care of ourselves is the first step in caring for others. We live in a world of change, some might even call it chaos.  Our ability to live with change and return to a state of balance for restoration is critical to our health and well-being.  Did you know that when chaos is plotted over time a pattern forms?  Nature shows us that there is order in chaos! Our efforts to live in balance are often contrary to the world we currently live in.  But lucky for us, Nature shows us how to live well and live healthy by being adaptable and flexible to change.  In fact, Nature shows us that the greatest innovation, the most inspiring and purposeful breakthroughs, the times when we stretch and grow to the next level all happen in times of change! 

Our desire for greater wholeness and harmony in our lives exists whether we're in chaos or in balance.  The new science tells us it's not an either or thing.  It's an and.  When we learn to live with care - caring for ourselves, each other, our communities, our planet and future generations - we thrive.  We adapt to chaos and change and can even learn to enjoy it and see it as a natural state.  We also find ways to quickly bring ourselves back into balance to rest, refresh and restore.

EarthWonders provides a pathway to living with care - a way to thrive in our ever- changing world and a way to experience the refreshment, restoration and renewal of balance. You'll discover meaningful ways that our natural world and its many wonders can help you and your family lead a more healthful and fulfilling life - at home, at work, in the world.  Understanding that our own well-being and that of future generations is directly connected to Nature provides a desire to learn and do more to care for our planet.  It's a great cycle to get caught up in!

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