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Our Philosophy & Values

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."
                                                                             - Mahatma Gandhi 

We take our own inspiration from nature and have adopted a holistic, balanced approach to how we do business at EarthWonders.  We adopt a stewardship approach of caring for ourselves, each other, our community, our planet and future generations.

People - We believe every life has value and deserves equal opportunity. As a measure of respect for all people, EarthWonders incorporates diversity, inclusiveness and accessibility as core principles.

Planet - We accept personal responsibility for our actions and how we impact the Earth. We are committed to changing ourselves first, by forging our own pathway to live more gently on Planet Earth. We strive to set an example of change and hope to inspire others, recognizing that the tiniest ripples of "thought moved to deed" have the power to change the world.

Profit - Nature defines the creation of profit as net gain  - an efficiency, quality, information, capacity, value or breakthrough innovation.  At EarthWonders we don't pretend we can have a healthy environment in our world today by ignoring the human or economic implications.  Instead we take a common sense approach.  Investing in people and aligning with natural ecosystems is a more sustainable, profitable, and prosperous choice for our world today and for the future.

It is our intention to lead by example and we expect to be measured by our results. We are using our power and purpose to influence a movement toward shaping the nature of care in nursing, assisted, memory, hospice, palliative and in-home care.  By ensuring a more restorative sustainable world, our success will secure a better today for all those connected through care and a better future for generations to come. We've just begun.

We acknowledge that this is a journey we take together. We make choices each day on how, where and why we do business, as well as with whom. We honor the people we do business with by cherishing and protecting this world we share.  We adopt best practice, as we know it, at all times. We ask our partners to work together, living well and living gently on our Planet Earth.

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